halloween party planning + giveaway

spooky, scary, bats

My friend Marigold Mom and I are planning a Spooky Halloween Party, and we couldn’t be more excited for the big day! After researching all of our ideas, here is just a preview from the pins that inspired us (Pinspiration, … Continue reading

a new favorite

I can now say that I have a favorite artist: Katie Daisy who uses a combination of watercolor and acrylic paint along with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I don’t have any experience with paint or watercolor so I’m astounded at what she can create with her vivid imagination. She takes inspiration from nature and famous poets and authors and much of her work features her unique typography.

These images are from her Etsy Shop and more of her work can be found on Flickr. I might have to get some of my favorites soon.

I agree.

This ampersand is just lovely.

This reminds me of summers past with my best friends. We spent many nights finding constellations and shooting starts and falling asleep to the bullfrogs croaking in the pond. We even tried cow tipping once…who knew cows are impossible to sneak up on, even in the middle of the night?!

So romantic.

Maybe its the tree-hugging NorCal girl inside of me, but I just can’t get enough!

Have you heard of Katie Daisy before? Do you have a favorite artist who sells on Etsy or who got their start recently?