a christmas in july soiree


My, has it been a long time since I’ve posted! These days are very full with three little ones, but I wanted to take this fun opportunity from Paperless Post to share some ideas for a Christmas in July party – this festive Nutcracker Soiree.

I am actually not allowed to play Christmas music or bring out the decorations until after Thanksgiving per orders from the Hubs, but right around this time each year amidst the sweltering heat and pool days, I long for colder weather and the coziness of the holidays. I start to get excited to pull out my sweaters, build fires in our fireplace, decorate the house, and (of course) plan parties for my first two daughters who are born in December. I’ve already picked the theme for their joint party this year, and this Christmas in July party inspiration will give you a hint.

The Invitations

The first step was selecting an invitation from Paperless Post’s holiday line, and it would’ve been been very difficult to pick from all of the darling options except for the fact that they offered this from one of my very favorite artists, Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Company.


As a graphic designer with an Etsy shop full of invitations, I can be partial to printed stationary, but sending invitations digitally is just so convenient, saving time and money. Along with being able to send invitations in minutes instead of days, I was almost giddy to be able to choose matching envelopes, envelope liners, backgrounds and stamps. It was so hard to pick just one of each.

thumb_gold liner blue env_1024

Though this is technically a Christmas party, I didn’t want the stationary to be “too” Christmassy, so I picked an envelope in a pretty blue that was close to Clara’s dress, and the liner and background’s gold foil coordinate with the gold accents on the invitation.

thumb_snow and tree backdrop_1024

The Decorations

I’ve really been into decorating for Christmas with colors that aren’t the typical red and green. Silver, gold and everything that glitters gives the party a fancy look, and these colors are attractive any time of the year (even when the weather outside is frightfully hot). Pinks and mint greens look great with the metallic accents, and they give a fresh update to Christmas decor. I definitely need to get my hands on some glittery nutcrackers to add to my collection for this year.

Christmas Decor layout 1

1 sugar plum party & mouse truffles  /  2 glam nutcracker decor  /  3 glittery wreath  /  4 german glitter village

Finally, I love how anything vintage or rustic can be contrasted with the glam of sparkles and metallics. The more bottle brush trees in fun colors, the better! And of course white lights and greenery are a staple that make the home feel a lot like Christmas.

Christmas decor layout 2

1 rustic country decor  / 2 diy snow globes  /  3 glittery nutcracker

The Food

If there’s one thing that gets me excited about the holidays, its the traditional foods that make that time of year so special with family and friends. Hot cocoa gets its own station in the kitchen for those impromptu needs to get warm, and the smell of gingerbread cookies fills the air as the girls and I bake, cut, and decorate them for the neighbors. But July is definitely not the right time to be slaving in front of a hot oven and drinking cocoa, so I found some fun holiday eats that are simple and cool, but totally festive and yummy.

Christmas Appetizers layout 1

1 sun dried tomato, feta & basil pinwheels  /  2 olives & mozzarella rosemary wreath  /  3 pear pomegranate salsa

The great thing about these appetizers is that they are simple to make, and would be great options especially in Southern California’s mild winters. Chips and salsa aren’t often served in the winter months, but this sweeter version is so pretty and would look great at any holiday spread.

The treats are lighter and cooler in nature for an informal soiree meant for mingling. The strawberry Santas and Canelloni “Snowman” dip are especially kid friendly too.

Christmas desserts layout 1

1 frozen hot cocoa  /  2 strawberry santas  / 3  cannelloni dip  / 4 melted snowman cookies

So there are my ideas for a unique Nutcracker-themed holiday bash in July, and I’m definitely going to use this inspiration in a few months when it’s officially Christmas time. What about you, would you throw a Christmas in July party? What type of crowd and what type of activities would you plan for?

Can anyone guess how I plan to celebrate Hayden turning five and Hadley turning three this December? I’m getting so excited! But first, I have a Minnie Mouse party for Everly’s first birthday coming up, and also a very exciting announcement regarding the future of Hello Brielle. Stay tuned, I promise it won’t be a year between now and my next post (blush).



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