sisters frozen birthday party

There have been a ton of Frozen Birthday parties going on in the last year, but with two girls born in December two years apart, I knew I would have to join the masses. And let’s face it, they love Frozen. And I love Frozen. It’s such a great story that teaches the sacrificial qualities of love. I secretly hope my girls pay more attention to this than the whole “meet your prince and live happily ever after” theme that is so common in Disney movies. I could go on, but you’re probably here to see the party, right?!

Frozen headband, frozen bow

I partnered with many AMAZING vendors to make this party as beautiful as can be. Each one of them was a dream to work with. Be sure to check out the list at the bottom of the post so you can use them at your event!

cake pops, cake, Frozen Party decor, dessert table, Elsa and Anna

The inspiration for this party came from one of our favorite books, A Sister More Like Me. The artwork by Brittney Lee is just darling. I love the cartoon look for the movie, but for this party I wanted a classier, more artistic look that would appeal to adults as well as kids. I tried to make the designs and decor unique since there are probably thousands of Frozen parties out there, and I couldn’t be happier with how everything came together.

Frozen Birthday Party Dessert Table and Background

For the invitation, I had a very talented artist friend paint Elsa and Anna in one of my favorite poses. To design the background, I spent a lot of time studying the beautiful images in the movie credits.

sisters frozen party, elsa and anna, winter wonderland

The art print is now framed in Hayden’s room, but we used it to decorate the entryway for the party.

Frozen Party Decorations


There are so many great ideas that it can be hard to narrow down what to do. Just a Pinterest search of Frozen Parties can lead to thousands of pictures of parties (some with a seemingly astronomical budget!). Here is what I did to give you some ideas.

  • Make use of holiday decorations you (or a friend has).
  • Purchase some new decorations to double for Christmas decorations (wink). I love the scandinavian look of this Crate and Barrel Woodland Village, and plan to use it on the mantel for all future Christmas decorating.
  • Fill apothecaries with “snow” from a craft store and Frozen characters (my daughter already had all of these thanks to a previous gift from Grammy).
  • Make rosettes for the backdrop. These can be done with scrapbook paper in any color and can even have decorations attached to them (such as snowflakes or small banners).
  • Display the birthday gift: these 12″ Disney dolls are so pretty and look just like the characters in the movies.
  • Repurpose some birch branches to make frozen trees with florals from Michael’s.
  • Build a castle out of cardboard (more on this later!).

Frozen Party Decorations

Aside from DIY projects, there are some beautiful decorations that were the icing on the cake, and these can be personalized with names and colors to match any event.

personalized banner, Frozen cake topper, ribbon garland

The incredible ribbon banner was handmade by Feather and Fray to match the colors in my invitation. It was made with sever different types of ribbon that included pink ruffles, little pom poms, glitter, and even snowflake decorations. Feather and Fray can also do custom cutouts, such as the glittery snowflakes in the backdrop, and these snowflake cake pop or cupcake toppers.

snoflake cupcake toppers, cake pop toppers, frozen dessert ideas

Pink Poppy Party Shoppe created the most perfect cake toppers and name banners out of glittery paper. Bethany came up with the design just for my event, and she can do tons of incredible custom cake toppers. She created a snowflake for Hayden and a Frozen crown for Hadley.

Frozen Birthday Cake and Personalized Topper

Frozen Cake Topper

The pink and blue “Let it go” banner from Cardboard Sheek is absolutely darling. It is hand cut and hand painted, very sturdy, and now hangs over Hayden’s bed because we love it so much. Sarah specializes in banners to be used as props in photo shoots, and maybe if we’re lucky she will add a version of this to her designs.


The menu was inspired by the movie, and again, there are tons of ideas here. I wanted each of the characters to be represented in some way, and this was a good way to add them in. I tried to keep it simple, but I had way too much fun picking out ideas and it got a little crazy at the end with baking cookies and cakes and the other food assembly. If I could recommend some simple crowd pleasers, they would be the cake pops, ice blocks, Olaf yogurts, and grapes.

Olaf parts, Frozen hearts, jello ice blocks

  • We Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches – pesto turkey for adults and almond butter and jelly for the kids
  • Sven’s Salad – sweet kale mix from Costco

Frozen Party Menu

  • Han’s Frozen Hearts – frozen grapes
  • Olaf’s Snowman Parts – marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, and cheese puffs
  • Kristoff’s Ice Blocks – blue jell0 {recipe here}
  • Sven’s Carrots – I found these cute ones at Albertson’s
  • Olaf in Summer – yogurt (with candy eyes, mini chocolate chips, and pretzels)
  • Marshmallow’s Snowballs – white cheddar puffs
  • Kristoff’s Chips and Dip

Olaf yogurts, Sven's carrots, decorated sugar cookies

  • North Mountain Trees – pudding with white chocolate covered cones
  • Snowflake Cake Pops – these are actually Golden Oreo Truffles dipped in white chocolate {original recipe here}
  • Sugar cookies – I purchased a sheet of edible images from my local cake shop and DIYed these guys with royal icing
  • Coronation cake – I made two cakes and decorated them with my friend Jessie’s help {my goto recipe}

Frozen customized cookies

  • Melted Olaf – water
  • Elsa’s Snow Punch – I realized that pretty much any type of juice with Sprite and a bit of blue food coloring will work. This was with tropical orange peach and turned out great.

Frozen Party Elsa's Snow Punch


I tried to plan activities that would work for my rambunctious tomboy of a three year old, who loves the idea of being a princess but is basically a mess in a dress 😉 and my sweet one year old who just likes to crawl around and get into things.

Frozen Birthday Party Cardboard Castle

I thought a snowball fight would be so much fun for boys and girls, and I wanted it centered around a giant castle made from cardboard, because what kid doesn’t love playing with a giant cardboard box?

Frozen Party Snowball Fight


The snow table was filled with moldable snow so kids could play and build little snowmen. This was a big hit, especially when it turned into a little snowball fight and then “decorating” the back yard with snow until it was all gone. Definitely a messy outdoor activity!

Frozen Snow Table Activity

The cookie decorating was a tasty treat that I’m also glad was kept outdoors because toddlers and frosting and sprinkles is a messy combination. In my mind the guests would decorate cookies to bring home in little treat sacks but I’m not sure if this actually happened. What’s a little frosting after cake pops and cake? YOLO 🙂


Party Favors

I packaged up some fun stuff in treat bags with these free tags.

  • Snow slime {instructions} – this is easy to make and really fun to play with! I got small Rubbermaid disposable containers with Elsa and Anna on them from the 99 Cent Store.
  • Princess or superhero tatoos
  • Rock candy
  • Frozen rings or hair ties from the $1 section at Target


My girls had SO much fun at their party, and I think all of our guests did too.

Frozen Cardboard Castle

{Adorable Frozen hair bow and headband by Ryan and Wren}

Winter Onederland Frozen Birthday

Frozen Birthday Anna Costume

A big THANKS to everyone who helped us celebrate turning one and three!




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