ombré gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties are getting very popular these days, and why not? I may be biased because I can never get enough of planning and attending parties, but having guests participate in a mini competition by casting votes, picking sides and then having the big surprise reveal at the end is just the best.

A few months ago I talked my friend Angie into throwing a gender reveal party for baby #2.

Classy Adult Gender Reveal Party

{see the complete party with all of the fun details here}

And then we received some exciting news:

pregnancy announcement picture

So you can guess what followed: planning my very own gender reveal party.

boy or girl? gender reveal

I should note here that I’m so sorry that it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and that I didn’t even make a pregnancy announcement on here. Surviving the first trimester with a {high energy teething insomniac} toddler is no joke. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart! But we made it and I’m happily enjoying the second trimester and trying to catch up on life.

I planned my gender reveal party to be the morning after my ultrasound appointment, and here was my inspiration: pretty pinks and blues, kid-friendly, and SIMPLE. So we went with an ombré theme, outdoors at a kid-friendly friend’s home, and the menu was cereal with some toppings, doughnuts, and coffee.


The large vintage balloons and ombré colors were inspired by another fabulous gender reveal party, and I made the adorable tissue paper tassel garlands using a great tutorial.


The backdrop was a few decorative rosettes made from scrapbook paper, along with some bought from Party City. I designed all of the printables, such as the invitation, banner, signs, and food labels (available now in my Etsy Shop).

Ombre cake



Drinks included iced coffee, water, and juice boxes for the kiddos. I carried on the ombré theme to the cups and spoons by mixing 3 shades of each pink and blue acrylic paint and giving them a dunk. It was an easy decorative project over a few hours watching Netflix.


Here are the cousins enjoying their breakfasts and wondering if they will have a boy or girl cousin to join the mix. So far the cousin totals are girls: 4, boys: 2 in this family.


One of my top pregnancy cravings is cereal, so for this party I went ahead and bought the extra yummy kinds that are normally forbidden around here, like Lucky Charms, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Cocoa Puffs. I did have some healthy options too, like Raisin Bran, Life, and Joe’s Oh’s (Trader Joe’s brand is totally better than Cheerios!).



Krispy Kreme doughnuts are always a hit, and fruit was there to balance all the sugars and carbs (who am I kidding). Speaking of delicious sugars and carbs, this cake was my favorite part of the party.



It was made by my very talented friend Macie who waited patiently for the text revealing what color the layers should be: pink or blue. But wait! First everyone had to take a vote.


gender reveal, baby shower, pregnancy, party


The prize was two movie tickets, some Cokes, Mike & Ike’s, and Popcornopolis. After everyone voted, we drew out of the winning vase below to find the winner.

voting station for gender reveal, poster with old wive's tales

After casting their vote, everyone had to pick a bow to show which side they were on. I found these great die cuts from Baby Binkz on Etsy, and added a pin to the back. I used extras to decorate the cereal jars on the main table.


To help people guess, I made a poster with some hints.



And before we knew it, it was time to cut the cake and find out whether we were adding a brother or sister to our family of three.

My vote: girl. Hubby’s vote: boy. Hayden’s vote: a piece of cake, stat.

gender reveal party cutting the cake

Pink cake, it’s a girl!


Hayden is going to have a little sister!



The cake had beautiful ombré layers. Dessert after breakfast was totally acceptable that day.


And here’s for party planning during pregnancy: partners in crime.


Thanks for stopping by! I guess we’re in store for a lot more girl themed parties in the future!

A big Thank You to my Vendors:

Photography: Blyss Photography

Invitation & Printables: Hello Brielle Designs

Bow & Bow Tie Die Cuts: Baby Binkz

Balloon Tassel Tutorial: The TomKat Studio

7 thoughts on “ombré gender reveal party

  1. I think this is such a great idea. I would love to do something like this when I am finally expecting, but I don’t know if I could hold out not knowing before all the planning of the actual party.
    I love all the details and know that if I was to do something, I will use your party as inspiration 🙂

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