ooh la la! paris lingerie shower

My sister-in-law Mollie got engaged on Christmas Eve to the man of her dreams, and a few weeks ago we threw her a lingerie shower with many of her close friends. Mollie’s sister Courtney knew right away the direction we should take: hot pink, black, and sexy! I volunteered the Paris theme because it’s just so romantic and fit in with the other main ideas for food and games. Ooh La La!


Here is the invitation:

Paris Bridal Shower, invitation, Eiffel Tower

Mollie is as sweet as can be and completely obsessed with coffee, so we knew a cupcake bar and coffee bar were in order.



We combined our baking skills to provide the options for the cupcake bar. The cake flavors were Oreo, Red Velvet, and White Chocolate (with a Lindt truffle filling!). For frosting we had Cream Cheese, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate. Courtney thought it would be cute to have menus instead of the typical food labels, and I love the way they turned out.


Everything was made a little more glamorous with the adhesive rhinestones and pearls purchased at Michael’s in pinks and greys, a simple step I totally recommend!



I may be biased, but there is not much better in life than a cupcake bar. My favorite combo: White Chocolate Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Frosting (though the other contenders were absolutely delicious too). Check out the recipes above. The Oreo cupcakes are my sister-in-law Ashley’s secret recipe.



The coffee bar consisted of hot coffee with all the fixings and an amazing coffee punch. This coffee punch is to die for (perhaps literally…). Here is a recipe similar to the one we used.



Here is the guest of honor and some of her friends enjoying the yummies.


We played two games. First, every guest brought a pair of underwear to reflect their personalities and Mollie guessed who brought each one. Let’s just say that this girl is well stocked after this shower!

bridal shower, ooh la la, coffee bar, cupcake bar, bridal shower ideas, bridal shower games

Next, I asked Mollie a bunch of questions about Spencer (that he had answered ahead 0f time) to see how many she got correct. Each wrong answer meant she had to chew a gum ball. She did great, but talking got more difficult as the game went on.


Next it was time for presents, and the scandalous (wink). I’ll spare everyone the details but this picture is so cute. The sisters (who are all married) tried our best to get Mollie to blush and I’d say we succeeded!


That’s what sisters are for, right? Here we are: Ashley, Mollie, me, and Courtney.


Now we wait eagerly for the day Mollie and Spencer say “I do.” We are so thankful to the Lord that Mollie “has found the one whom [her] soul loves” (Song of Solomon 3:4).


Tracy Dodson Photography


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