easter time

Spring is HERE in Southern California, and we have been enjoying the warm weather and extra hour of daylight by being outside as much as possible. We’re looking forward to some Easter festivities and hoping that Hayden will be able to participate since last year she was only a few months old.

Last Year


This Year


Let’s just say that life is way more exciting!

Lately I’ve been working on an Easter basket for Hayden. I know she doesn’t understand the concept yet, but my mom always did such a great job creating Easter baskets for us so I’m trying to follow in her footsteps. Plus it was fun to think ahead to the next stages of activities we can hopefully experience, like making art with markers and stickers (what will I do if she’s not a crafty girl??). So we raided the 99 Cent Store to make a toddler-friendly and budget friendly Easter basket.


I reused a basket we already owned, and the fluffy bunny in the picture was a gift from a friend, but it’s something that Hayden hasn’t quite discovered yet. We picked up:

  • shredded paper to use for “grass”
  • a snack container
  • a small set of sand or water toys
  • an elephant key chain (elephants are her recent obsession)
  • some stickers
  • chocolate carrots (mommy will help eat these)
  • washable markers
  • plastic boats for the bathtub
  • a marshmallow “lollipop”
  • a box to hold art supplies
  • two small containers
  • a sandwich container


Here’s a closeup of the “Miffy” bunny containers, I think they’re pretty cute, especially since they were two for $.99.


I also found a few books at Home Goods that I had stashed away for gifts, so these will make an appearance too.


Here’s everything together.



Another exciting event is an Easter Egg Hunt with a few friends. It’s going to be really simple, but I don’t think there are many things cuter than little ones looking for eggs and sneaking candy. The invitation is in my Etsy shop.

Easter Egg Hunt, printable invitation

And here is a free 5×7 print for you to celebrate the joy of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 is a clear account of the Good News believers should be sharing (and one of my favorite verses too).

Easter, Resurrection Sunday, Bible Verse

Click Easter Free Printable for the PDF, then print and put in a 5×7 frame.

I would love to hear from you as well. Does your family celebrate with Easter baskets? What are some memorable gifts or activities you’ve done in the past?


4 thoughts on “easter time

  1. When the kids were little we did the Resurection cookies that stay overnight in the oven with the Bible verses to match of the cross and empty tomb. Also loved the Resurrection eggs with a hidden token inside each that depicts the story of Christ. Just ordered a new set!

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