valentine’s day fun + art print giveaway!

One of my favorite holidays is coming up: what’s not to love about hearts, flowers, and all that chocolate? Even when I was younger with no Valentine in the romantic sense of the word, I loved giving pretty cards to my friends and getting treats from my mom. True story: when we were little my dad told my brother and I that the Valentine’s Cow would deliver presents during the night and leave them on the toilet. So every Valentine’s Day morning we would rush into the bathroom to see what the Valentine’s Cow had left us. I actually thought this was a normal Valentine’s Day tradition that everyone celebrated, not just our family, for the longest time – just  like Santa Claus. When my best friends found out about this in high school, they teased me relentlessly! But they also decided to take on the tradition and I had several Valentine’s Day surprises found on the toilet throughout my high school and college years thanks to them.

I’ll probably tell Hayden about the Valentine’s Cow next year, but I’ll spare her the embarrassment and clarify that it is just our family’s tradition.

Here is some of the fun I’ve been having with Valentine’s Day on the brain. It’s always fun to change up the mantle with the different seasons. Right now it has plenty of candles, pictures of our little Lovey, and a new banner (white pitcher and lacey candle holders are from Ikea).

Valentine's Day decor

A cute way to display more of Hayden’s 9 month photos that I love. I found this thing (not sure what it is) at Goodwill and painted it white. I’ve used it as a magazine holder and now a way to display pictures.


This DIY burlap banner was inspired by my sister-in-law’s wedding planning decor. I used white burlap from Walmart cut into triangles and dabbed acrylic paint with letter and heart stencils. I have a few alphabet stencil sets, but the same thing could be done by printing your letters on cardstock and cutting them out, that’s how I made my heart stencil. The triangles were then hot glued to string.


The dining room got a red table runner, my favorite candle (rose petals from Yankee), faux flowers and Dove Promises chocolate (THE best!).


This banner was inspired by Cardboard Sheek’s now sold out Valentine’s Day heart banner (sad I missed out this year!). I just cut hearts out of red craft paper and taped to baker’s twine.


My Etsy Shop also got some attention with Valentine’s Day approaching. These art prints can double as Valentine’s Day cards or a framed gift.

Valentine's day cards, valentine art, love art




Use this coupon for 30% off these Love Prints: LOVE30

Like my Facebook Page ( and comment which art print is your favorite. Winner will be announced on February 11, 2013.

And finally, I’m working on a Valentine to send out with this adorable pictures thanks to our photo shoot with Emily Mager’s Photography (with decor styling by Marigold Mom, check out her blog for tips). Warning: lots of smooching and mushiness ahead.



















This will be a fun one to show Henry (my friend Angie’s son) and Hayden when they’re teenagers:


I would love to hear your family’s Valentine’s Day traditions! Do you drag your husband to a Kissing Booth Photo Shoot? I have a feeling I’m in the minority here…though he certainly didn’t mind all those kisses 🙂 How do you make it special for your kids?


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