baby’s christmas wish list

Christmas music is on my Pandora station and I’m starting to get the itch to go Christmas shopping. This might be late for some folks, but usually I start right after Thanksgiving. Christmas is in December every year but it still totally sneaks up on me! With Hayden’s first birthday just four days after Christmas, ‘Tis The Season for us to spoil her rotten. Though she can’t communicate her top Christmas List items, we are break-out-the-flip-camera excited for her recent developments in the “speech” area: monkey sounds, lip-smacking (a.k.a. kiss) sounds, and saying, “Deeeeee” when daddy’s around.

So here are my best guesses for…

Hayden’s Wish List

Our little Lovey has plenty of clothes through 18 months, thanks to our girl cousins and recent consignment and 2nd hand shopping, but shoes are a different matter. Our little princess actually has huge feet, so we’ve been having some issues in the shoe department. I guess like her mama she will probably spend more time in soccer cleats and tennis shoes than high heels, so even now we’re focusing on comfort over fashion.

Adorable Robeez Baby Booties in pastel pink

And that’s why we love, love, love Robeez. They’re perfect for her little wide feet and she (for now) is incapable of removing them in .5 seconds like other shoes. So these are on Hayden’s list in any shape or form: new, hand-me-downs, 2nd hand, or even Robeez imitators which seem to work well too.

Toys for the next stage: Rattles and squeak toys have run their course and we’re ready for some more active toys. Hayden loves balls and really got a kick out of this toy at a friend’s house recently.


or this


Anything musical will provide entertainment for all in the next stage. Perhaps she will take after daddy and love the drums?

{Image from Zulily, one of my favorite places to shop for baby gear}

I love all wooden toys for babies, and especially these from Melissa & Doug.

{Sort and Stack}

Hayden absolutely loves turning pages and opening doors, so this seems like a good match for her fascination with animals.

{Farm Hide and Seek}

And for the practical side, luggage for Hayden would be useful for traveling so daddy can have his Nike duffel bag back. Anything would work, but how darling is this?

{Skip Hop Owl Backpack}

And even more practical would be snacking and feeding equipment for the next stage.

{Snack cup}

Thinking ahead, I read that these larger toys are so much fun for little walkers.

{Mouse Ride-On}

Everyone loves a Radio Flyer; this one’s just right for giving her toys a ride.

{Radio Flyer Mini Wagon}

I have also heard that a baby doll, a regular sized wagon, and clothes larger that 18 months make good gifts for a 12 month old. What do you think? Do you remember your son or daughter’s favorite toys or your favorite gear at the one-year-old stage? What are on your little ones’ wish lists this Christmas?


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