spooky halloween party

Planning a party to celebrate the fall season? I highly recommend throwing a Spooky Halloween party!

halloween signs, pumpkins

scary, trees, owls, bats, spiders, dessert table

We wanted to showcase some of the creepier subjects of the season, including owls, bats, spiders, ghosts, and black cats. We thought it would be fun to mix our dark elements, like black pumpkins and a dark forest, with classy white serving plates, glass apothecaries and cake stands, and glamorous pumpkins and gourds painted white and silver.

black pumpkins, owls, trees, ghosts

Some scary trees cut from black craft paper created the perfect backdrop for the dessert table, along with silhouette cutouts from Dollar Tree.

caramel apples, meringue ghosts, scary trees

This adorable Trick or Treat banner (as well as the Happy Halloween one from the very first picture) is from Carboard Sheek, check out Sarah’s incredible creations here. The huge webs and spiders were another Dollar Tree find.

"trick or treat" spider webs, spiders


And now for the food: I dare say it tasted as good as it looks. You can find a tutorial for these creepy Oreo Truffle Spiders here.

halloween party

These Meringue Ghosts are easy and so cute; I make them every year.

halloween party

These Spider Web Cupcakes were so pretty and surprisingly easy to decorate.

Halloween Party

A popcorn bar kept the kiddos busy until dinner: a potluck of our favorite soups.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

We kept it simple for the cold drinks: water and apple cider punch. Pumpkin Spice Lattes from a Crock Pot kept the adults cozy once the sun set.

Halloween Party Drinks

Want to make the perfect fall punch? Equal parts apple cider and ginger ale. So simple and so good.

Kid Friendly Food

Hot dog mummies, string cheese ghosts, and apple marshmallow mouths completed the kid’s menu. Note: if you’ve invited high school students to your party, they will steal these from the little kids; they’re that good.

Halloween Party Kid Food

peanut butter, halloween party

Here’s an amazing party tip if you ever serve apples: to keep them fresh and prevent browning, drizzle or dip them in lemon or lime sparkling water (I also heard Sprite will work). They were seriously fresh for days.


There were apples for bobbing.

halloween party

My little cutie is kind of a cheater, but she got one.

The kids really enjoyed pumpkin bowling for these toilet paper ghosts.

halloween party

The adults joined in the fun to gobble doughnuts hung from strings. It’s harder than it looks, but definitely worth the effort {yum}.

Costume Contest

Babies, kids, and adults all joined in the fun for our contest. I marked an item off the bucket list and got my family to dress up as Mulder, Scully, and an alien from the X-Files.

Mulder, Scully

I figured next year she’ll want to be a princess, so might as well jump on this opportunity!

We had some adorable super heroes.

This little cutie in her brothers’ dress up gear won for Scariest Costume.

A little ninja bowling with his pumpkin.

A princess and Strawberry Shortcake.

The cutest Clark Kent there ever was.

And some characters straight out of an 80’s workout VHS.

I hope you enjoyed our party, it sure was fun to plan and even more fun to attend! Thanks to our awesome vendors and everyone who helped with this event.

Planning: Marigold Events

Photography: Emily Magers Photography

Banners: Cardboard Sheek

Party Decor and Printables: Now available in My Shop!

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