I dream of someday owning some dirt, grass, trees, and plants of my own, and maybe even a real garden; for now we have a little porch and container garden that keeps me busy while I dream. We do not get full sun, but as the seasons change I am able to move the containers around to try to maximize the light they need. However, in my recent busyness combined with the end of summer heat my patio was looking a little bit dry and crusty. I guess I wasn’t watering as much as I should, sorry mini herb garden!

I usually do have to replace my herbs a couple times per year, but this time I was noticing which plants were flourishing; namely the bush-looking thing on the left (clearly not the right placement for this plant) and the cute donkey tail succulents on the right. I thought that rather than struggling to keep the plants in the large pot alive, I might as well replace them all with plants that don’t need much water: succulents.

fall container garden update

At Lowe’s I got four new types of succulents to divide up in my oversized strawberry pot, as well as some herbs, a pepper plant, and some fall colored mums to freshen up the rest of my mini container garden. Considering my recent birthday gift, this understandably turned into a photo shoot of the new additions.

The already flourishing donkey tail. I really wish I had the rest of the names for these, but the tag just said “Drought Tolerant Succulent” (my gardening conditions could be comparable to a drought…).

This one is a flourishing aloe plant that I already had.

And this one I could not help but to remember the name because it made me hungry: flapjack succulent.

Here is how they turned out after separating and arranging them, which was really easy because they really don’t have much of a root system.


The smaller pots can be easily moved out of baby zone, though I quickly learned that Hayden is way more into dirt than plucking leaves off the plants.

She has a handful to save for later (i.e. eat when I’m not looking).

Here is some of the bounty of the rest of my garden. It’s not too impressive, but it’s something.

Now the patio is ready for Fall, and by Fall I mean three more months of weather in the 90’s.


One thought on “succulents

  1. the dirty Hayden pics are too cute! we need to have another baby play date SOON! and, i love succulents, too! Perfect for the lazy gardener with a black thumb such as myself! 🙂

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