my wish list

My birthday is coming up next month, so I thought it would be fun to gather a list of my favorite stuff right now. These items are in no particular order, just what come to mind when my mind wanders :). I’m by no means expecting to get gifts of everything on my wish list, but it gives me some motivation for saving my pennies for what I REALLY want and avoiding impulse buys. Also I think it would be fun to look back on this after a year or more and see how my list has changed. And hey, if the hubby wants to use this as a cheat sheet, be my guest!

My #1 item happens to be the priciest: for the sake of this blog, my Etsy shop, and capturing Hayden, I’m looking to get a SLR camera.

I’m still trying to decide what type of camera to get and how much of an investment I want to make. I’m definitely a beginner but I’d like to take classes and hopefully make use of Photoshop for editing (which I already have).

#2 Sperrys: can’t help but love the leopard version.

Women's Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe

#3 New workout clothes. Gone are the days of college soccer and getting all the Nike stuff for free; I’m still wearing everything from 5 years ago and they’re definitely showing their age. Plus, if I have cute stuff to workout in, I’ll more likely go to the gym, right?

I love these from Victoria’s Secret (size L if you’re reading, Tad). Pretty much anything that’s a fun, bright color or print I’d like. Maybe if I get this sports bra I’ll look like her (hee).

#4 Cooking Light Magazine. Light + gourmet = just my style.

#5 The ability to make lattes and americanos at home. This Mypressi is impressive, and definitely saves space in the kitchen.

#6 A new case for my phone. Why? Just to change it up. Not for sure on this but here are some cute ones (

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Case Contour Design Cover (Blue Horizontal Stripe)

#7 A Katie Daisy print (or 2 or 3) from Etsy.

Creek Swimming

Wild & Free 8x10 print

Land of Ampersand

#8 A comfy desk chair. Let’s face it, I’m spending quite a bit of time here at the Mac, and this would definitely increase the comfort level. On sale right now too (Pottery Barn Teen).

Chocolate Sherpa Airgo Chair

#9 One of my vices: I’m not a big TV fan but I love 30 Rock. It would be fun to rewatch some of the episodes in all my spare time (wink).

#10 A case for my Kindle (

Marware Atlas Kindle and Kindle Touch Case Cover

Well, I should probably stop there and bring myself back to reality (i.e. folding laundry).

I would love to hear what’s at the top of your wish list!


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