life lately

Hello Blog, I’ve missed you! Since I’ve clearly been too busy to tackle my many posts that need to be written, here is what has been going on in life these days.

Hayden’s 7 month photo shoot with the fabulous Marigold Mom.

A photo shoot with the whole family by the amazing Emma Harasick. Here are the grandparents with the 4 grandbabies.

A great family reunion in San Diego. 12 adults, 4 little ones under 2 and a half, one pool, amazing food, and hours of pool volleyball.

We managed a short trip to La Jolla beach.

And braved the San Diego zoo. Hayden’s favorite part was the petting zoo (the rest of the time she was either eating, fussing, or sleeping!). We would love to try this again when she’s older.

Lots of fun cousin time: Hayden, Noah, Reese, Allie.

Two days after returning from vacation was the perfect time to start crawling! Our cat Mini has never gotten so much exercise 🙂

Already getting into mischief!

On a less “adorable baby” note…

My Etsy Shop has been keeping me busy with orders and new custom designs.

I’ve been surprised by the amount of work has been needed, but I LOVE designing and “meeting” and serving new customers.

We’ve been waiting 6 months for Gold’s Gym to open, and now I’m enjoying working out at a gym for the first time in years. Gotta love using the elliptical in the Cardio Cinema!

As for food…I made this for dinner last night and totally recommend it! See recipe here.

I hope you are enjoying the end of summer, and all of life’s busy moments. I know before I can blink it will be time for pumpkin spice lattes and warm sweaters… oh wait, not in Southern California. Iced pumpkin spice lattes and 3 more months of flip flops.


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