baby belly part 2 (favorite healthy foods)

It’s week 2 of working out and eating well. I’m still waiting to like my morning workouts (I shouted “I hate you Jillian!” at the TV today), but I can start to see and feel a difference in my body and the way my clothes fit. It’s definitely not as drastic as I was hoping: I’m not yet fitting into my “too small” clothes but my clothes do have a bit more room in them. And I feel stronger, but I also feel more tired and hungry. I wonder if this is reality or I will eventually adjust? Anyways, yay for progress 🙂

Changing my diet has actually been easier than I thought, and I’ve found some new healthy foods that I really enjoy. Here are some of my new favorites that I recommend.

For breakfast

This is a low-calorie, healthy breakfast that is so yummy: fruit or berries, plain yogurt, and if I need a bit extra sweet I’ll add some granola. I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite staples: Fage Greek Yogurt (pronounced “Fa-yay” or, for an alternate version, as Tad likes to say, “Faggie”).

This yogurt is so smooth and creamy, and doesn’t have the tartness of other yogurts. I personally prefer the 2%, but the 0% is really good (and the regular full-fat is decadent!). One whole cup of the 2% has only 170 calories, so I use it for breakfast like above (it is especially delicious on its own topped with honey), in dips in place of mayonnaise, or in place of sour cream on just about anything.

My other go-to breakfast choices are toast with almond butter, or eggs on toast with Ezekiel Bread. This bread is awesome! It definitely tastes a lot healthier and heartier than normal bread, but it is really filling.

A more recent discovery for me was the Sprouted Grain Tortillas. I was skeptical at first, because a flour tortilla is a beautiful think in my mind, and I will not tolerate a taco that just falls apart in my hands because it is dry crackly. These are very moist and flexible (though not quite as much as flour), and taste great in egg breakfast burritos or chilaquiles.


My Ezekiel Tortillas definitely carry over into this category. A favorite from Jillian’s Ripped in 30 Meal Plan (see my previous post) is the Turkey Wrap made with these, 1/4 avocado, turkey breast, spinach, and sliced tomatoes. The avocado is mashed and spread in place of mayo or mustard, and it tastes great.

Speaking of avocados, these guys are among my favorite foods in the world. They just make everything a little bit yummier, from salads, to wraps, to sandwiches. Not to mention omelets, tacos, and by themselves drizzled with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Besides their taste, I appreciate how filling avocados are.

Here is mine and Tad’s new favorite salad: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese and avocados topped with a mix of equal parts red wine vinegar and olive oil, flavored with garlic salt. Mix thoroughly and the avocados become part of the dressing, it tastes awesome.

Another new obsession: heirloom tomatoes.

They are so sweet and good. I’ve been getting the baby ones recently, but I also love the look and taste of the large ones with the pretty colors and fancy shapes. I throw these on top of salads, add to my turkey wrap, or put on tacos.

On the days when I’m too busy for a proper lunch, I throw a banana, chocolate protein powder, almond or peanut butter, yogurt, ice, and coconut milk in a blender for a yummy and filling smoothie.

Pretend that’s not Jif and its homemade peanut butter from organic and healthy peanuts 🙂 I’m only human!

Lunch Dessert

Why not? These days I go for either fresh or dried fruit.

These yummy nectarines and plums got a drizzle of Peach Balsamic Olive Oil.


These days we’ve been doing a lot of salads and a lot more fish. I don’t have pictures (let’s face it, by 7:00 when we eat I am a ravenous beast), but we’ve been enjoying grilled salmon salad, mahi mahi tacos, grilled chicken with roasted vegetables (much like these ones), and grilled sirloin salad.

Oh, my hubby did make these amazing grilled sirloin sandwiches a few days ago. Don’t tell Jillian.

This is more of a staple, but I’ll throw it in here: We Olive olive oil and balsamic vinegar

We could not be any more obsessed with their stuff! These jars are all refillable, and we make frequent stops in their Ventura store. Their olive oil is great and comes in a ton of different flavors, like basil, lemon, garlic, and habanero. Their aged balsamic is to die for. It makes for a perfect dressing on its own and improves any salad. It is also great on berries, peaches, caprese salad, and pretty much anything it touches. Their other flavors of balsamic vinegar are also recommended; we’ve been loving the peach balsamic (far right) on top of stone fruit or as a dressing for grilled peach salad.

Another staple is Feta cheese. I just love it, and sneak it in to a lot of my healthy recipes so I feel like a normal person 🙂

This Pastures of Eden Feta is from Trader Joe’s and is really creamy tasting. I add it to salads and egg breakfast burritos.


It’s tough to stay healthy with snacks, yet as a nursing mom they are so necessary right now. I like to pair these yummy crackers with raw milk cheddar. I appreciate that a serving is 20 crackers (120 cal.).

I recently discovered baked kale chips. They are awesome! Even my chip-loving husband approved. Here is a great recipe.

Another new obsession: Trader Joe’s salsas. I know it’s not the best idea to gorge on chips and salsa, but these dress up anything like tacos, burritos, beans, or egg burritos. We’re especially digging the pineapple and peach ones.


I can count on one hand the number of sweets I’ve had since beginning the program, which is practically a miracle! I’d like to thank Larabars, my new “treat” and BFF.

eating healthy, diet

A great thing about Larabars is that they have no sugar, and most of the time only dried fruit and nuts. They are sweetened with dates so they taste like a treat, and they are actually pretty filling as a snack. They have about 200-220 calories each, but they are much healthier than my go-to granola bars from before. They do cost $1.25 a piece, so my next project will be to make a homemade version like E-Wife did. Can’t wait to try this!

Let’s face it, it’s tough to eat healthy. Given the option, I’d rather be enjoying these delicacies:

Langer’s Deli #19

Cafe Fiore’s Butternut Squash Ravioli

But everyone’s jumping on the healthy foods wagon, and I know from my efforts these past weeks that it does make a difference. Hopefully these recommendations can help!

I would LOVE to hear any suggestions! Especially in the Sweets category…


4 thoughts on “baby belly part 2 (favorite healthy foods)

  1. Good for you for putting yourself in shape and in health. Also important for the gene pool, I’m told. Keep up the good work:)
    Debbie Boek brought us a dessert that was fresh berries in a gram crust with a small ammt of gelatin as a filler sweetened with berry juice. You chill it and it is healthy and good.

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  3. Monika! I didn’t realize you were the one who followed me. Aww. You rock. I’m totally all for trying out health to get back into shape. I’m losing it much slower this time around, ugh! But….i am steadily losing the weight, it seems. I’m attempting to do yoga, the way i got into shape last time…. But i havent been able to really commit myself to it yet, still working on the motivation part…But you have great stuff in this post! I love the Lacinato kale, my favorite (also amazing in a chili or soup!)….and the mini heirloom tomatoes, they are so good, especially in a cucumber, and thinly sliced red onion salad with Italian dressing! I actually just posted about them, too. lol. Mike and I have changed it up quite a bit. We’re doing a vegetarian diet- not because we think “meat is murder” or anything drastic like that, but as a good health mix up. It’s making a huge difference in the way i see vegetables. they way i use them….I have gotten much more creative in the kitchen! Have you checked out this awesome bulk site called Azure Standard? They make a stop in canyon country once a month, and you can buy all sorts of bulk goodies. check out my second post, about the “getting to know me by the staples in my kitchen post,” it explains the things i got…. grains, beans, legumes, coconut milk, raw honey (my most favorite purchase ever!)…etc. you can even get fresh produce and dairy items. Also, another diet factor we’ve taken in is little to no cheese. Seems all weird and everything, but cheese really isnt that good for your body in general….Oh and in the “sweets” area, which i was struggling in for awhile too… dark chocolate. For me, (there’s no dairy) it just takes the edge off with a little mild sweetness….anyways, novel. sorry. Anyways…. we’re super close you know, if you ever want a break, and to hang- i’m over by costco. Plus, the kiddos might like to meet? Anyways, you can do it!

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