etsy shop newbies + coupon

I just added some new baby shower stuff to my Etsy Shop. These projects have been really fun to work on and I like the way they turned out!

This How Sweet Strawberry one is for a not-too-girly baby girl shower. I think it would be a really cute little girl’s birthday party as well; kind of like Strawberry Shortcake but without the cheesy looking doll 🙂

If I were planning this shower, I would have a lot of summer-sweet berries everywhere. Strawberry lemonade, yummy fruit dip, and of course some of these.

Which I would top with some of these.

And next, I would love to help throw a baby shower with the adorable “Shower” theme.

Lots of vintage umbrellas, clouds, raindrops, and polka dots would make for some really pretty decor. Here are the matching cupcake (or food) toppers.

I think they would look cute mixed with (or instead of) clouds like on these pretty cupcakes.

So there are my latest creations, I hope you like them! I’m realizing that I haven’t had as many boy themes to work on, or maybe I’m just better at thinking of girl themes. What are some great boy themes you see for showers and parties these days? I need some good ideas!

Also, here is a coupon for 30% off anything in my Etsy Shop: just enter HelloBrielle at checkout. Since I’m just getting started, it would be great to get a few more sales up there to show that its the real deal :). Even I’m a bit leery of buying from people with barely any sales or feedback! Its only up for a limited time, and it also applies to any custom design work if you have other ideas than what’s in the shop.


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