yellow and grey bridal shower

Here is another event that I was able to design party decor for. I love the color combination of mustard yellow and grey, and was able to add in damask and chevron patterns for a fun and elegant bridal shower. Of course the party planning genius behind this is my friend Angie at Marigold Mom; see her post on this bridal shower here.

Here is how it turned out.

Amazing Decor

Yummy Food and Drinks

Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Here are more closeups of what Angie created from the party package designs:

Seeing these two colors together really gets my mind wandering to all the wonderful ways you can use them.

From parties to home decor and even fashion. Love it.

And of course, this party package and a matching invitation are now available in my Etsy Shop. Check it out!

What are your favorite color combinations in party decor, home decor, or fashion? Are you a yellow and grey fan or do you think it’s a fad that has run its course?


3 thoughts on “yellow and grey bridal shower

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