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When I first got married and was able to decorate my home, a whole new world opened up for me: home decor! No longer was I obsessed with the latest clothing fashions; all of my spare change now went to Home Goods and Pottery Barn (under the watchful eye of my financially conservative new Hubby {dang it}). Over the almost 5 years of our marriage I’ve been able to really develop my decor style, since those first few years were just a mash-up of my parents hand-me-downs and the least expensive things we could find.

Now I look around our home and I see a big trend: I’m obsessed with patterns! No wonder I fell so hard for graphic design. I now have the opportunity to create almost any pattern thanks to Adobe Illustrator and I have big plans for using them for my design endeavors (stay tuned!).

Here are some of my favorite patterns and how I use them in my home.


A fairly new obsession of mine that I see popping up everywhere in home decor. I really appreciate that quatrefoil is used in architecture and gives a new dimension to tile and shapes of mirrors and furniture. Check out my Pinterest Board for more examples.

In the living room

Homemade “canvas” wall art inspired by Crate and Barrel

Pantry curtain from Target

In the guest bathroom

Frame from Home Goods

On the porch

Our new patio set from Target


Another new favorite because of its simplicity and diversity: the stripes can be any color, multicolored or any height and width and the look is completely changed. So far I’ve only added a couple of pieces of chevron to the nursery, but after I’ve accomplished my to-do list of sewing projects there will be more. See more inspiring ideas for chevron on my Pinterest Board.

In the nursery

Re-covered foot stool

Rug from Kohl’s


My first home decor crush back from selecting my wedding registry items. Its fun to see how I’ve mixed pops of damask among all of my other patterns and somehow it always looks appealing to me. The look is very classic but also very modern since the recent resurgence. Since florals and stipes have always been coordinating opposites, I’ve really taken to the look of damask and chevron as used in the nursery. Here are more damask patterns found on Pinterest.

In the nursery

Crib bedding from Carousel Designs

Homemade picture/cork board using a canvas

In our dining room

Our china set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Homemade LOVE letters

In our living room

Curtains from World Market

Mirror hand-me-down from my aunt

My favorite blanket from

Rug from Pottery Barn


I was not always a huge quilt fan, but as I crept closer and closer to shabby chic decor it became a very natural companion to worn and chippy furniture. I fell in love with the scalloped look of my quilt from Pottery Barn and loved how it combined florals, damask, and stripes all together.

In the dining room

Table runner

In our bedroom

Bedding from Pottery Barn


Stripes are always classy and can be paired with just about anything in my opinion. They are also very versatile in different colors, widths, and orientations (such as horizontal, vertical, and diagonal).

In our living room

Throw pillows from Pottery Barn

Table runner from Target

In our bedroom

Duvet cover from Pottery Barn

Laundry hamper from Pottery Barn {gift from my mom}

Sign from Marshall’s

Animal Print

I just love animal prints and am so glad they aren’t confined to scandalous undergarments like when I was growing up in the 90’s :). I’ll take cheetah or zebra on my person or in my house anytime for just a touch of wildness.

In the guest bathroom

Shower curtain from Pottery Barn

Towels from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

In our room

Throw and pillows

In the nursery

Swaddle blanket from Buy Buy Baby {cute munchkin not for sale}

H painting handmade from a friend

Oops, not home decor, but check out my favorite shoes of all time. I swear they match with everything, and mine are so worn that they weren’t very photogenic.


Toile is so romantic and so French. I decorated with it in my bedroom in high school and it is still one of my favorites; in fact, it was a close second to the damask pattern I settled on for Hayden’s nursery. I love how each scene tells a story.

In the dining room

Wallpaper added to the back of hutch

In our bedroom

Shams purchased from Ebay (originally from Pottery Barn)

Boxes from Marshall’s

In the kitchen

I apparently think that one can never have too many patterns going in a small condo! There are even a few that I didn’t mention that I have strewn about, like faux bois, script, and ikat, but I stuck to the ones that you can find multiple times in a mini home tour. What are some of your favorite patterns to decorate with?


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  2. I love your posts, thank you for sharing! And your photo on top of the page, so cute! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award! All my best to you. xoxo Dany

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